SKYCOPS is a 3D third-person mobile action game about a police officer serving in a city filled with advanced technology and towering skyscrapers. Choose a police unit, patrol area, and go out on shift!

A few words about the project

The game is a generated game world in which you will take on the role of a SKYCITY Police Department officer. You have a choice of several possible vehicles that you can use for duty. Some units will have to be unlocked separately – by upgrading your rating or renting them.

After successfully selecting a vehicle, you need to decide on a patrol area. There are several free zones to choose from in SKYCITY itself, as well as in some of the space objects whose administrations have a cooperation contract with the Police Department. Not only will you be patrolling the streets of the city of the future, but you can also go on a real, albeit small, space journey!

New patrol zones are not available immediately but depend on your rating. Increasing your own rating you can open more and more new areas, and for the best officers, there is generally a separate possibility. They can patrol several zones at once within one shift.

Want to know more?

Go to the game’s page to find out the latest and most relevant information about the project itself, as well as the inner game world.

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