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Hello! Let's get to know each other, shall we?

The key to start, start!

Welcome, space wanderer!

Well, good to see you on SSR! What is this and who we are?

SKYSTATION.RED is the best place for space travelers to relax after they explore the vastness of space. Here you can relax, enjoy great company and have fun.

And of course play games. For pc and phones, your choice.

We’re also… a team when working on the development of this very station. We are a small group of real space and science fiction fans! And we really want to make our small contribution to the common cause, and at the same time, to implement our ideas. Ideas about games and apps.

Right now we’re working on several projects, and we hope to show them soon to our community (i.e. you, friends).

Generally, we have a lot of cool ideas for cool projects (we guess) and we believe that someday the time will come to realize them.

So if you’re not already with us, this is a great chance to fix that!

4th LOCK

is available




Play all SKYSTATION.RED games from one common platform.


Community and Support

We khow how important work wirh playeers and we try to create exelent comminity support.


Up to Date

Stay tuned for updates and news from our projects in one place. Yes, there is still news inside the game worlds, but that’s another story 🙂


New Games Worlds

We not only want to offer our games but also promote the games of other indie developers. Very soon we will begin cooperation with some cool guys!

Meet the team

Vitaly Vitkovsky


Yan Ruzhitsky

Sound Designer

Vladislav Dymnikov


Robert Dobry

2D Artist

Anna Makrova



It's can be you

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